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A s a lingerie blogger, airbrushing my nipples is something I have to do on a daily basis. Social media sites have no-nipple policies, which forces me to either work with stickers or master the Photoshop clone stamp tool. I usually find stickers to be too small and too shiny for my taste. When you take pictures constantly eventually they won’t stick anymore and you have to discard them. (So it’s not even good for the environment.)

Edith’s Inc. was kind enough to send me several samples of the Bezi Bra Discs, all packed in lovely little tulle bags, to try out.

When I heard about Edith’s Bezi Bra Discs, I didn’t realize how these nipple covers were different they were from the products I had seen before.

These bras discs are not sticky and are made of non-latex resin. This means that they are perfectly re-usable and that they can be washed. Actually, they stick to the skin thanks to body heat. They come in two colorways called Blush and Mocha. I appreciate that the brand produced a darker colorway, though in this situation none of them match my carnation. I decided to use the lighter pair as the darker discs would look like nipples on me.

For this review, I decided to try them under an unpadded bra as well as a cotton bodysuit with no built-in bra and here is my experience:

Under an Unpadded Bra

Bezi Bra Disc Review by Wen

I wear unpadded bras on a daily basis and it’s true that some of them don’t hide nipple protrusion. I am not self-conscious about my nipples showing through clothes, because I believe it’s only natural but I can imagine that it can be a modesty issue for most people.

At first, I imagined that the discs would maybe take some space in the bra, but to my surprise I completely forgot about them. The interesting part is that they are quite wide. In this case, because the Blush colorway is too light for my skin tone, I don’t expect it to discreetly “erase” my nipples. However, I imagine that this product could work very well for fair skin or dark skin persons. If what you need is really to avoid nipple protrusion, then the Bezi Bra Discs work wonders.

Under a Leotard/Braless

Bezi Bra Disc Review by Wen
For the most modest among us, going braless can also be a struggle. If you have to wear a leotard for dance, these nipple covers can actually be of help. I tried them under this cotton leotard and both my nipples and the bra discs were undetectable. They didn’t move throughout the day or irritate my sensitive skin.

According to the brand, these discs can also prevent nipple chaffing during sports. I personally never experienced nipple chaffing but I know that some people use tape for that purpose. The problem with tape, is that (like stickers) they won’t stick once you start sweating, so this product could be a good alternative.

Lingerie accessories are the things we never think about until we need them, but they can be really useful. The Bezi Bra Discs are a re-usable, comfortable and wider than most similar products I have tried in the past. I would love to see them come in a caramel shade in the future, but in the meantime, they can definitely be a nice addition to a lingerie wardrobe.

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