Talking Trends with CURVE’s Raphael Camp

Believe it or not, the next edition of CURVENEWYORK is coming up in less than two weeks! Today, we have an interview with CURVE’s CEO, Raphael Camp, giving us his impressions of lingerie trends and what to expect from the show and a scoop – the show’s Kinky Korner from Las Vegas is making it’s way to Jacob Javits Center.

Raphael, what are the lingerie trends you’ve seen that made waves in 2018?

In 2018, I noticed that some brands adopted a bolder vision. For example, Chantelle has taken a resolutely creative path in rethinking their image. The company implemented new directions for their brand and products, bringing a new identity to the group. That’s one of the reasons why Eurovet awarded Chantelle Lingerie the title of ‘Designer of the Year’ in 2019.

Panel Discussion at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

Body positivity and inclusivity has also been raising major waves in 2019. This movement of acceptance seeks to liberate women from the tyranny of outdated concepts of beauty that revolve around thinness and youth. Images of women in the industry have evolved to include more physiques, but the evolution is slow. Inclusivity, for me, goes much further than this. It also represents the pride movement, connecting the acceptance of both one’s body and one’s sexual orientation.

In the lingerie world, this translates to an overall adjustment in design and communication, striving for the highest level of inclusivity. At the upcoming CURVE NYC, Kimmay Caldwell will moderate a conversation about inclusiveness in lingerie, accompanied by influencers and key leaders in the industry.


Are there any brands you feel that have captured the market’s imagination?

To me the brands that are truly capturing the market’s attention are those who dare to be perceived different. For example, I just came back from our show in Vegas where we launched our new show room concept called the Kinky Korner. The brands featured there – Atelier Amour, DSTM, Fraulein Kink, God Saves Queen, Legg Story, Maison Close, Mapale, Paloma Casile and Playful Promises- are truly capturing the market’s attention and dare to be perceived different. The Kinky Korner was so successful that, even if it was not planned for NYC, we decided to bring it to the upcoming Curve show in NYC!

Undress Code

If so, how you do think they did it?

I am going to take another example. The Bodywear has become one of the recent dominant trends. During the rise of women’s self-acceptance, the Bodywear celebrates womens’ bodies and aligns itself with the style codes of ready-to-wear. The lines between underwear and outerwear have blurred, a bodysuit flows like a jumpsuit, and a bra translates as a blouse. This trend captures women’s imagination! Well-known lingerie leaders like Maison Lejaby, Empreinte, and Hanky Panky have been very creative in their recent bodysuit collections. Small designers showcased in the Concept Lounge at Curve NYC, like Undresscode or Mila Krisna are becoming this trend’s emblems!

Empreinte Salon International de la Lingerie ©Angels’Sea Studio

What trend do you hope comes back?

The involvement of straps in lingerie is a trend that I hope returns with intensity. Some brands are in the process of reigniting this trend, such as Bordelle, who has presented beautiful designs inspired by jewelry. The German designer brand DSTM is also incorporating straps in a multitude of ways. I look forward to seeing more brands making fashion-forward collections that incorporate straps as a way to adorn the body in a graphic manner.

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