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Valentine’s day is around the corner and I just realized that my idea of eroticism implies a lot of silk and well-fitting lingerie. I am only partly joking. Feeling good in your lingerie can give you so much more confidence in any situation. It’s important to seduce yourself before seducing a partner in my opinion.

It’s safe to say that erotic lingerie is often made in size that only fit a certain body type, to which I don’t correspond. Because of that, I usually don’t pay much attention to these ranges. It’s also true that a lot of them don’t fit into my aesthetic so in the end, I am ok with it.

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to discover the recent Bracli collections, Kyoto and Vienna, and they did look different from the usual erotic lingerie I had seen before. The Vienna collection in particular, made me want to try the brand, as it looked so elegant and in trend. Waxed embroidery, silk accents, high-waisted knickers and bodysuit… What’s not to love? So when Bracli offered to send me their Vienna bodysuit, I was excited to experience it in person.

Bracli, The Original Pearl Thong

I received a size Medium, which according to the size chart should fit me the best. I imagine that I could wear a Small without difficulty as the fabric is quite stretchy. This piece is not for the faint of heart, as it is very revealing and mostly highlights instead of shaping your body. I believe a size Medium was the right choice actually, because the embroidery around the breasts area would probably take slightly less space in a smaller size. I didn’t use any stickers or tape to take those pictures but I did have to adjust the bodysuit in order to cover my nipples.

I love this embroidery, though. It does remind me of Italy and the Renaissance aesthetic. Note that the Vienna bodysuit doesn’t provide support as the mesh isn’t firm. It’s more of a fishnet, really. I would never have expected this piece to look good on me at first sight because I am a G cup, but with or without adjustment, I like the way it looks.

Bracli's Vienna Bodysuit Review

The waist is made of a large black silk band, which gives some structure to this piece. I love a tight waist as I have quite narrow hips. The size Medium sits nicely but I wish it was a little bit more fitted. Now, it’s comfortable and stretchy so it should adapt to many body types.
Silk is one of my favorite materials. It never fails to make me feel glamorous. Now, one of the things I like the most about this piece, is its back… A gorgeous and wide opening compliments your skin and accentuates your waist. It’s something I don’t get to wear often but it is just so flattering. The rose gold hardware adds to the luxury feel of the Vienna bodysuit.

All About The Pearls

Bracli's Vienna Bodysuit Review

Now Bracli is also about pearls, and this part hasn’t been left out. I always wondered about those pearls and how they must feel. In these photos I am wearing a nude thong for modesty, but you can see that the Mallorcan pearls start very high on my pubic area. So the fishnet doesn’t cover my intimate parts. This is true in the front and in the back. I don’t consider myself tall, I am just a bit over 5”7, but I imagine that the fit would be slightly different on a shorter person. On me, these pearls almost go all the way from the front to the back and are tied by an extra ribbon. You can adjust the length to your preference and body type. However, the fact that the pearls go from the front to the back is something that you should be careful about for hygienic reasons.

Bracli's Vienna Bodysuit Review

Now, this piece is meant to be a head-turner and to stimulate, especially as part of foreplay. It’s a luxury open crotch bodysuit with a jewel-like accessory that doubles as a toy. That makes it a versatile piece. Still, the fashion addict inside me just wants to layer it and wear it out, though. I think it’s worth showing off!

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